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The only thing that RedBrick didn’t accomplish yet, is to spread fan material. No, I don’t mean the spread of books, in this section the work of RedBrick is superior, I think of fan material like Earthdawn posters, miniatures, shirts and so on. Actually RedBrick got two shops where they sell Earthdawn merchandise products. But I think those shops need an update with new products. So why not include new Earthdawn posters?

That’s the main thing I miss: Earthdawn posters. Yes I know it’s always an expense factor to sell posters, but I think the fans would grab them with no hesitation, even when looking at a high price. I remember the good old times, when I received an additional Earthdawn poster for free, when I bought my first Earthdawn book. I know that the Earthdawn posters of FASA are very rare today and that’s why I am very proud to say that we in our group possess three of them.

This one I received for free with one of our books


Those two were acquired via Ebay


I guess that other Earthdawn posters exist and if I remember correctly one shows the cover of the Living Room’s Second Edition sourcebook. I never saw this LR poster anywhere so I guess it was just handed with the sourcebook or only a limited amount was exclusively sold.

So question on you all: Do you possess any Earthdawn posters? Which? And how did you get them and what posters would you want to be made? Just leave a comment.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I've got a few from back in the day. The one you don't have shows the cover of the Throal book and says something like "Barsaive: Not just another pretty place."

    Mordom says:

    Wow, I've never heard of this one. Could you send a picture of it? I'd like to add it to the post.

    Elidis says:

    Additionally to the Throal Poster there is one with the picture from the crystal raiders sourcebook and the title: Leap into the adventure

    and there is one with the cover from the (german) novel "little treasures". It shows the theran wizard Mordom in the background (raising his hand with the eye). And in front is Garlthik One Eye fighting with a human swordsman.

    Dávid says:

    Hey I have the ork poster and the crystal raiders too - I will scan them shortly - if anybody needs them...

    Mordom says:

    Very nice! I'd love to see the Crystal Raider's poster. I recently thought of Shannons comment about the Throal poster. Have to request that again.

    Dávid says:

    I will find a way to send it to You (I already arranged scanning for tomorrow).
    I also want to request those o in the original posts - especially Berry's cover art and Edward's Parlainth - can we solve such a task?

    Dávid says:

    Here's the Crystal Raider poster scanned in 600 dpi:

    Unfortunately it isn't perfect, as it was folded for many years before I bought it

    Can You scan Yours? I would really appreciate it.....

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