“Wave” your hands up high!

Wave? High? What’s going on?


Today I received my invitation for Google Wave. For all those who never heard of it watch this info video.


But that’s not all, I additionally received further invitations for Google Wave. I will pass two invitations to my current 6 followers and spent the remaining 3 invitations randomly to those who comment on this post until the end of Tuesday Nov. 17th! But please don’t just comment like “Here I want…”. Tell a little bit about your Earthdawn history or your current character you’re playing (Name, adepthood, circle etc.). If you’re not playing Earthdawn tell about which RPG your currently into.


The winners will be picked randomly and announced on Wednesday Nov. 18th. I can’t tell you how long it’ll take till you get your invitations from Google.


By the way, several articles were already written about using Google Wave for gaming online:

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  1. Earthdawn, I have never had a chance to play. But the setting has always interested me and I have borrowed items from the setting on occasion.

    Currently, I am running Pathfinder in my own campaign setting. Been enjoying Pathfinder so far but we have been doing more roleplaying and character interaction than combat so we have not really tested the system so far.

    Asaraludu says:

    Hello! I'm really interested in a Google Wave invitation. <-- shameless request :-)

    I'm a long-time Earthdawn player. Most of my glory days were in 1st edition, and I got my start in ED through Shadowrun. I'm pretty sure I ought to have owned stock in FASA, as many SR sourcebooks as I'd bought.

    I could go on for hours as to the rich source material, etc. But the meat of it is that I ran a weekly ED game for several years in college, taking my core group from 1st circle to over 10th. I wove several great modules into a larger campaign concept I'd created. Ah, the glory days.

    Nowadays, with a wife and 4 kids, I only get together with my friends to play (and we chose ED) about once every few months. We started in with 3rd edition and I'm playing, not GMing, which is refreshing.

    I'm having fun playing an Obsidiman Warrior who's bent because a flying fortress squashed his Liferock, namely Ayodhya.

    Deinol says:

    I haven't played much Earthdawn in years, but I have collected a fair amount of material, including the recent EDC compendiums. I have always liked that each magic item has a unique story, and that the power of items grow with the characters.

    My current game is a pathfinder planescape mix that has been going for 2 years and is at 11th level. They are a group of mercenaries based in Sigil, so they only do jobs if they get paid. I tend to reward them with increased enchantments on their equipment to prevent the massive bloat of items that D&D tends toward.

    If I had a wave account I'd be interested in trying an experiment in shared world development using the Traveller RPG.

    sade says:

    sounds interesting,if u will be avaible on skype, please drop a line

    Vinsane says:

    I know this is a post about ED, but I'd like to take a moment to talk about the google wave. I have recently signed up (no need to send me an invite) and I am curious on how the wave is going to handle disparate systems. I'm sure their gonna do something about it in the future, but I don't like not being able to include emails in my views (right now it's just something else I have to check). The wave reminds of online collaboration (in more of an IM format) more than e-mail. While it is appears good for that, it is different from me sending a quick note to a friend. I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.

    For ED, I am currently taking a break from our ED campaign. We played for a year and the players are just now making it to 4th circle (some call me a harsh task master). I will pick it back up after a while. Right now we're starting up a Shadowrun campaign. I'm playing a dwarf face with probably the most ineffective character in a fight that I've ever made. He's a b-movie actor-washout with a slight gambling addiction and owes 126,000 nuyen to the Russian mafia.

    Ogrebear says:

    I started Earthdawn back when FASA launched it; at the time we where playing a lot of World of Darkness and some extra cheesy AD&D 2 so Earthdawn, with it's rich world and amazing approch to magic, races, history etc really was a breath of fresh air.

    Interest tailed off a little after FASA stopped but the Red Brick edition got us back- I remember being flabergashted by the shear amount of info cramed into the 2 main rulebooks!

    Cos we had some Earthdawn noobs in the group I started them inside a Kear using Ardanyas Revenge for inspiration- boy it's been fun!

    Looking at 3rd Ed now and waiting for more info on Age of Legend.

    If there is an Earthdawn community on the Wave, I'd like in please!

    Shannon says:

    You have a diabolically way of advertising. Good contest, though.

    I've been playing or (usually) running the game since the first edition Players Companion came out. My current game, which unfortunately only meets every few months these days, has been running since '02, so it's sort of like a recurring reunion. Great times, crazy stories.

    I appreciate the Wave/gaming links.

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