Travelling in Barsaive

Every gamemaster knows the situation:

The characters gonna travel by foot, by caravan or by airship to a place or city in Barsaive. How many miles will the characters travel? How many days will it take them? And what will the journey cost, including rest in a village's inn or the cost to feed their elephant during the journey.

First of all you'll have to use some maps that show you the dimensions for travelling. Most maps have scales for walking, riding or airsailing in miles or days.

Those for example:

(made by Telarus)

(made by Sturmfalke. It's in German, but the numbers above the line show days walking, underneath days riding.)

When you've found out how long it'll take the characters to walk, ride or fly, you just visit this polish PAGE to use the Earthdawn Travelling Calculator and present the characters the bill for their journey. No it shouldn't be that boring to tell the players what their journey will cost, but from now on you are informed what the airsailor will take to ship the characters including their mounts.

Note: I had some problems using the calculator with firefox, just try another browser when it doesn't work properly for example Iron browser.

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