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Here's an overview about free available fanprojects. One is the "Foliant des Abenteurers" a german fanproject about a specific topic in each edition. Second is the english "Weapon Project" from EDPT.
So no matter if you are german or english, a lot of free material is available for Earthdawn, thanks to those fans that produced these sourcebooks.



The topic of Foliant des Abenteurers Vol. 1 "Die Wolken lichten sich" means "Clearing clouds". Its content is about everything that is related to airshiptravel. Places you can only reach by airship are introduced, how you can use airships in your campaign, a new class of airships is introduced and of course new creatures, spells and items are provided in this edition.


The topic of Foliant des Abenteuers Vol. 2 "Die Tore öffnen sich" means "Opening the gates". It presents a lot of stuff about kaers. The life in Kaers is described, campaigns and the magic that was used in Kaers is defined. Further several knacks, treasuries and a new discipline are provided in this edition.


The third edition of Foliant des Abenteurers "Die Reise beginnt" ("The journey starts") gives a lot of informations about the life on the roads or the dangers beside the roads. Also some places you reach when you travel with a merchant are presented. Of course knacks, spells, magical items and creatures you'll need/meet on your journey are introduced.


The fourth edition of the FDA “Die Wildnis ruft” offers a lot of suggestions what can happen in the wilderness of Barsaive. Topics are for example: the tribe of the K'stulaami is described, the discipline of the Shaman is described in detail and in another chapter are rules and examples given for the use of herbs and poisons.
This special edition is about the city of thieves "Kratas". The city itself is described with its localities and taverns. Important persons are introduced and gamehooks are provided.


EDPT - Book of Arrows

The "book of arrows" nothing left to tell.

EDPT - Book of Dual Weapons

This book is about the use of dualweapons, which a lot of t'skrang swordmasters prefer. Some dual weapons of the Cathay are also introduced beside normal dual weapons.

EDPT - Book of Swords

The "Book of Swords" contains swords from a lot of different races, from the crystalraider- to human tribe- and several windling blades. Some magical swords and some optional rules are given.

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  1. Mordom says:

    The Weapon Project files are not available at the moment because EDPT has been hacked. When those files are online again, I'll link them.

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