The only thing that RedBrick didn’t accomplish yet, is to spread fan material. No, I don’t mean the spread of books, in this section the work of RedBrick is superior, I think of fan material like Earthdawn posters, miniatures, shirts and so on. Actually RedBrick got two shops where they sell Earthdawn merchandise products. But I think those shops need an update with new products. So why not include new Earthdawn posters?

That’s the main thing I miss: Earthdawn posters. Yes I know it’s always an expense factor to sell posters, but I think the fans would grab them with no hesitation, even when looking at a high price. I remember the good old times, when I received an additional Earthdawn poster for free, when I bought my first Earthdawn book. I know that the Earthdawn posters of FASA are very rare today and that’s why I am very proud to say that we in our group possess three of them.

This one I received for free with one of our books


Those two were acquired via Ebay


I guess that other Earthdawn posters exist and if I remember correctly one shows the cover of the Living Room’s Second Edition sourcebook. I never saw this LR poster anywhere so I guess it was just handed with the sourcebook or only a limited amount was exclusively sold.

So question on you all: Do you possess any Earthdawn posters? Which? And how did you get them and what posters would you want to be made? Just leave a comment.


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