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In a recent post at the FASA Earthdawn forum were initially the detailed stats of a Bone Spirit requested. As the discussion went on, Mataxes was so kind to released a part of the Spirits chapter from the not yet released Earthdawn 4th edition Game Master Guide.

"The linked PDF has the information necessary to create bone spirits, taken from the spirits chapter of the ED4 GM Guide."

The 5 page PDF file provides strength stats for Ally Spirits as well as descriptions of Spirit powers.

The provided statistics are guidelines and serve to form a general baseline for spirits of that type. Since each spirit is a unique entity, the gamemaster should feel free to modify these values to suit the needs of his game. The powers listed for a spirit are only the most common examples.



Nachdem der englischsprachige Auszug aus dem Game Masters Guide im FASA Earthdawn forum veröffentlicht wurde, kommt Ulisses mit dem deutschen Gegenstück daher und beschert damit der deutschen Community Informationen zu Geistern und ihren Kräften. Als Beispiel sind ausserdem die Statistiken für einen Knochengeist als Verbündeten enthalten.

Die angegebenen Spielwerte sind Richtlinien und dienen als allgemeine Grundlage für Geister der jeweiligen Art. Da aber jeder Geist ein einzigartiges Wesen ist, kann der Spielleiter diese Werte gerne so modifizieren, wie es zu seinem Spiel passt. Die für einen Geist angegebenen Kräfte sind nur die am häufigsten vorkommenden Beispiele.

Earthdawn was released by FASA corporation back in 1993, yes 22 years ago! The former FASA corporation may not be confused with todays FASA Games inc. the current publisher of Earthdawn 4th Edition.
At that time, during the marketing phase to publicize the RPG Earthdawn, some promotional flyers were published.

Earthdawn flyers

Earthdawn flyer #1 Earthdawn flyer #2 Earthdawn flyer #3

Earthdawn flyer #1

Earthdawn flyer #2

Earthdawn flyer #3

As a long time fan I have already heard about these flyers and already had a look at them.

But as I read a few weeks ago a post on G+ by Chris Hussey about an Earthdawn Release brochure, I was stunned.

After all these years of Earthdawn 'tracking' I hadn't even heard about this promotional release brochure. So guess how surprised I was when I started to read it.

Earthdawn Release Brochure

The Earthdawn Release Brochure was send out to game shops and publishers before Earthdawn was released to spread the word about the new upcoming roleplaying game Earthdawn.

The cover says it all:

FASA's new game is a secret......
Until next month


The 40 pages contain various basic information about the setting of Earthdawn, a timeline of historic events is included, character archetypes and a great story called 'The merchants gift' can be found in there.

But the thing is that not everything in that brochure was final, it is more like a draft preview of the development of Earthdawn.


I guess every Earthdawn fan knows about the most well known saying about the Namegivers of Barsaive. But the original paragraph is a little bit different in this historic brochure and reads as follows:

The trolls raid the dwarfs,
the dwarfs dislike the elves,
the elves have no patience with the humans,
and the humans war with each other.
- But everyone hates the Atlanteans.

Who? The Atlanteans? Well, what later became the 'enemy' called the Therans was originally called 'Atlanteans' and shows again that not everything was final and done during that time.

Another chapter of the brochure for example introduces character archetypes like 'Warlock Warrior' or 'Troll Viking', which later became the discipline named 'Sky Raider' when Earthdawn was finally published.

Earthdawn-Release-Brochure -Troll Viking

There are many more small finds on the history and the development of the world of Earthdawn in that brochure. So I can really recommend to read this 'ancient' document of Earthdawn history.

When looking at that small piece of history of Earthdawn I realized how long this game exists and what a journey the RPG Earthdawn went thru to be published now in its 4th Edition.

And to be honest, you can already feel the potential of the story and the world of Earthdawn to become a great RPG when reading sentences like:

You and your friends are heroes of the age, masters of this magic. Some of you are proficient in the martial schools of magic; at your will you can bend the tissues of your very flesh, forge it into a living armor able to withstand sword blows. Some of you have mastered control of natural forces and can draw fire from the air and send it hurtling at your enemies.

Earthdawn is often referred as one of the role-playing games with the greatest potential. Because of its setting, the story of the world and because of its magic system. I think you can get a small glimpse on the time of origins of Earthdawn when reading through this brochure.

When the brochure was released in 1993 I guess no one expected the game of Earthdawn to last this long and become what it is today.


  • Read the brochure online @Scridb
  • Download the Earthdawn Flyer #3 as PDF (mirror) 
  • Download the Earthdawn Release Brochure as PDF (mirror)


Original Earthdawn content copyright 1993-2015 FASA Corporation, FASA Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used without permission. Any use of copyrighted material or trademarks in this article should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks.

The following video shows a trick how to find out if a die is actually balanced or not. Funny thing is that the trick comes from golf, to find out if the golf ball is balanced out.

via Rollenspiel-Alamanach

Update June 14th 2015

After some feedback the PDF got updated and some errors were fixed.

Elidis, who already created some beautiful stuff for the German fan community published recently his Player support sheets for the German Earthdawn 4th Edition. When I asked him if he could provide his sheets in English too, he was so kind to translate the sheets. And how it goes, I am now able to present you his cheat sheets for Earthdawn 4th Edition: ‘Character Creation and Development’ and for Players the ‘Players guide light’ PDFs.

ED4-Character Creation and Development PDF

  • Character creation step tables
  • Racial modifiers and racial abilities
  • Talent increasing costs
  • Skill increasing costs
  • Spell learning
  • Everything for circle advancement

Character Creation


ED4-PG light PDF

  • Situation modifiers
  • Combat options
  • Mounted attacks summary
  • Rules summary

Players guide light


Hinweis für deutsche Earthdawn fans:

Die deutschen Fan Downloads ‘ED4-Charaktererschaffung’ und ‘Spielerhilfe’ von findet ihr bei Ulisses Spiele hier (unter ‘Als PDF bestellen’-Button – Downloads) oder hier (im Suchfilter einfach auf ‘Earthdawn’ (ganz unten) filtern). Habe gerade feststellen müssen, dass die Fan-Downloads von Elidis bei Ulisses Spiele gut versteckt sind. A propos Ulisses Spiele: einen Blick auf die deutschen Bücher (inklusive limited ESPAGRA Version!!) könnt ihr hier werfen.

The recently released official Earthdawn character sheet was not very well received by many fans. Well, experience shows that many fans prefer to design their own character sheets , as these then most likely meet their requirements. Be it optical or simply useful criteria. A criteria for me is for example to have editable PDF’s, to capture Attributes, Talents, Skills or Spells. Others prefer sheets where you can capture everything up to high circle characters and so on, but what about stylish or well designed sheets?

One fanmade Earthdawn 4th Edition character sheet was already introduced on the blog, even before the official release was made. But it’s design is rather minimalistic and focused on printability.

Do you remember the editable scroll-design-sheet that was released on the Earthdawn blog on 2013? Yes, again it is Patryk aka UglyGoblin that contacted me with another approach to publish an editable stylish Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet.

I am very proud to present you the creation by Patryk. Have a look:


Good news for our polish readers! Patryk has already created a Polish version of his sheet in addition to the English version. A German translation is in the making.


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