I was really happy to receive the Earthdawn 4th Edition Player's Guide PDF a few days ago and I especially like the new colored artwork of the book. Even if some people, like always, complain about the cover artwork, but that's another topic.....

Speaking of colored Earthdawn artwork:

I recently got contacted by Sade. You may know some of her projects like the ePIC Generator or the iRPG fantasy app.

Sade created some beautiful colored artwork of all Earthdawn races and she was so kind to give me the rights to publish them here on the blog. She is also planning to create some Theran images, so maybe we'll see an update of this article soon.

Your opinions and comments are as always welcome.

So let's see:








Blood elf


Earthdawn 4th Edition Player's Guide is finally here! The book is available in PDF format, you can buy it at the FASA Games online-shop. The print version is going to the printers later this week and should be available in March.

P.S. If you have backed Earthdawn 4th Edition on Kickstarter take a look at your email account, and look for the Kickstarter email with the redemption code.


Teilzeithelden.de the German web magazine for roleplaying, LARP and fantasy recently published an interview with Michael Mingers, the German product manager for Earthdawn 4th Edition.

I consider it, as always, my duty to keep the English community up to date about the German Earthdawn developments by Ulisses. But honestly I simply can’t translate every news or interview that contains new information about the progress of the German Earthdawn 4th edition.

I simply publish the news and links about the German development most of the times on the Google+ page of the Earthdawn blog.

But this interview contains so many info and news that I want to point on it here on the blog too. Nevertheless I can only link to a "translated" version of the interview using the Google Translator and provide an overview about the main topics of the interview.

So here’s a short summary of the main, most interesting info mentioned in the interview:

  • “Kaer Tardim” will be published as an introductory adventure at the same time as the Player’s Guide.
  • “There will be three different versions of the player guide which all can already be pre-ordered. A regular hardcover edition, a limited edition in blue "Espagra" leatherette with embossing and an inexpensive softcover edition for purists with a simple layout and less Illus. “
  • It looks like that several German Earthdawn novels are planned to be published as a German self-disclosure.
  • A soundtrack is composed by X-Score for German Earthdawn.
  • At some point it is planned to publish an adventure trilogy playing at the Serpent River!

The interview with Michael Mingers was held by Roger Lewin from Teilzeithelden.de. Native German speakers can read the interview in German over here.

Good news everyone! According to the new update on the Earthdawn 4th Edition kickstarter project, the official PDF release of the Player's Guide is just round the corner.

A little less than a dozen pieces of art are missing. The PDF should be released by the end of January. Once the electronic version is out, FASA will give it a week to cover some additional bugs, typos etc. Then it will be sent to the printers. The print version should be available in February.

As for the Gamemaster's Guide, unfortunately it's way behind schedule. Josh is polishing the rules section, Morgan Weeks (aka Panda) is working on the magic items chapter. The rules for thread items are not going to change, but the items will be revised, and there is going to be some additional advice on using magical treasures in campaigns and adventures.

The work is also being done on additional material concerning managing fights, and opponents stats, especially armor values. During game sessions Josh saw that because of the new Armor-Defeating Hits rules the fights with high-armored opponents tend to be much longer. So this is going to be handled, and the armor values of the opponents are probably going to be lowered, at least those which are too high.

Last, you can look at some new art preview. I really like the Laubenstein's t'skrang :)

Ulisses Spiele

After some Polish Earthdawn news, I can report about some German news released by Ulisses Spiele too.

As the title says, the German Earthdawn Player’s Guide can now be pre-ordered at Ulisses Spiele. But Ulisses doesn’t just provide one version of the Player’s Guide. No. They offer 3 different versions!!

One regular hardcover version, one limited blue Espagra leather version(!!!) and a softcover-saving version, which comes without pictures and is almost plain text. I guess for the minimalists, who prefer plain information and rules.

The news published by Michael Mingers also adds, that Ulisses will likely use the old Earthdawn logo on the German books.

For all German speakers, head over to the news page for further information. You’ll also find a great fan work link at the news article, which provides a summary sheet for character creation made by Elidis!

Anyone who wants to translate the character creation cheat sheet for Earthdawn 4th edition?

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