Yes Earthdawn had a lot of miniatures back at the time when Heartbreaker produced them. I think it it were 53 to be exactly! At this article over here were 101 Earthdawn miniatures introduced on the blog.

Thorn men miniature

But now back to the Kickstarter project that was initiated by Impact! Miniatures. FASA granted Impact! Miniatures permission to produce miniatures for Earthdawn. To do so, they acquired the original masters to create new molds and make new miniatures like those from Heartbreaker.

There’s one special thing to keep in mind when backing this project:

Rather than force our backers to take a specific set of miniatures that might have some they desire and some they do not.  The different reward levels give you a number of points to spend on the figurines. You select a reward with the number of points that you desire and then when you complete the pledge manager you will be able to select exactly the miniatures you want and only the miniatures you want to spend your money on

Head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more about the miniatures, their size, the stretch goals and the pledge levels that are available.

Earthdawn 4th Edition is looming! But what changes with the new rules for Earthdawn Character sheets?

So I contacted Morgan Weeks to find out what needs to be changed and he was so kind to sum up the changes that are relevant to update the character sheets to Earthdawn 4th Edition rules. He mentioned for example that Karma checkboxes are no longer needed, you can now use Karma for every Discipline Talent.

All in all there are not too much changes necessary to update a 3rd Edition sheet to 4th Edition. See change log below.

I decided to update one of my favorite Character sheets to 4th Edition, the sheet Ajfel and I already provided on the blog over here.

The new PDF is still fully editable!




  • New header pic
  • New dice table added
  • Renamed the spell defense to mystic defense
  • Added row for talent page
  • Changed wound penalties
  • Karma boxes are gone
  • Added phys./my. shield to defenses
  • Removed the spell sheet

The spell sheet was removed, because the spells will change too and I don’t know yet how the sheet will look like. A German translation of the sheet is already in the making. So, prepare for updates of this article.

By the way your opinions and critics are as always very welcome.

To zaszczyt!

It finally happened.

After a long process of certificating, proofing and testing his Earthdawn knowledge, I am proud to introduce Sethariel as a co-author to the Earthdawn Blog.

As some of you might know, Sethariel and I already cooperated many times on several blog posts and interviews that were published on his old blog or over here at the Earthdawn Blog.

Sethariel is already contributing to the polish RPG page and administrates the community (formerly, but nevertheless I am very proud to have him on board over here.

It’s been 6 years now, just me blogging about Earthdawn and RPG stuff in general. So what can you expect from us two now?

We are planning to mainly report about Earthdawn of course, with some general RPG news. Sethariel will cover the Polish community and I will cover the German news, that surely will come up with the release of the German Earthdawn books by Ulisses Spiele.

We both will try to bring you the recent news and developments of the English community and their fan creations, and of course introduce some of our ideas as well.

I think you’ll hear or read from Seth in a few days, making his debut on the Earthdawn Blog.

Here’s a short interview with Ross Babcock from FASA made by Markus from Ulisses Spiele (German publisher)


Daten, Zahlen, Fakten

Hier noch ein kleiner Hinweis für deutsche Earthdawn fans, die oftmals mit den Konvertierungen der Amerikanischen Längemaße und Einheiten zu kämpfen haben. Ulisses hat dazu ein paar Daten, Zahlen und Fakten zusammengetragen.

Recently I stumbled upon the Name-giver Race Size Comparison Chart at the Earthdawn Compendium. I really like the comparison and after a short conversation with Flagg, I was allowed to add it to the blog. I added metric heights to the chart so that the rest of the world can better picture the size differences of the Earthdawn races.


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