Good news everyone! According to the new update on the Earthdawn 4th Edition kickstarter project, the official PDF release of the Player's Guide is just round the corner.

A little less than a dozen pieces of art are missing. The PDF should be released by the end of January. Once the electronic version is out, FASA will give it a week to cover some additional bugs, typos etc. Then it will be sent to the printers. The print version should be available in February.

As for the Gamemaster's Guide, unfortunately it's way behind schedule. Josh is polishing the rules section, Morgan Weeks (aka Panda) is working on the magic items chapter. The rules for thread items are not going to change, but the items will be revised, and there is going to be some additional advice on using magical treasures in campaigns and adventures.

The work is also being done on additional material concerning managing fights, and opponents stats, especially armor values. During game sessions Josh saw that because of the new Armor-Defeating Hits rules the fights with high-armored opponents tend to be much longer. So this is going to be handled, and the armor values of the opponents are probably going to be lowered, at least those which are too high.

Last, you can look at some new art preview. I really like the Laubenstein's t'skrang :)

Ulisses Spiele

After some Polish Earthdawn news, I can report about some German news released by Ulisses Spiele too.

As the title says, the German Earthdawn Player’s Guide can now be pre-ordered at Ulisses Spiele. But Ulisses doesn’t just provide one version of the Player’s Guide. No. They offer 3 different versions!!

One regular hardcover version, one limited blue Espagra leather version(!!!) and a softcover-saving version, which comes without pictures and is almost plain text. I guess for the minimalists, who prefer plain information and rules.

The news published by Michael Mingers also adds, that Ulisses will likely use the old Earthdawn logo on the German books.

For all German speakers, head over to the news page for further information. You’ll also find a great fan work link at the news article, which provides a summary sheet for character creation made by Elidis!

Anyone who wants to translate the character creation cheat sheet for Earthdawn 4th edition?

It feels weird. To be writing this post. After such a wonderful introduction by Mordom (thanks, man!). Which I did not deserve. It also feels weird, because I kept you, the readers of this blog, so long waiting for my first post. Sorry. Most of all, it feels weird, because I would have never expected to be writing here or anywhere on the net about me being anyhow involed in translating and publishing a Polish edition of Earthdawn...

All right. Enough about me. Yes. That's right. Germany is not the only country getting a translation of the new Earthdawn 4th Edition books. Poland is also on the list. And it's official!

Fajne RPG (or Cool RPG if you translate the name into English), a Polish RPG publishing brand, created by three Polish RPG publishers (Kuźnia Gier, Gramel, Gindie) has officially announced it is planning to publish Polish Earthdawn 4th Edition books.

To accomplish this heroic task the publisher will launch a crowdfunding project. Depending on the success level (or number of successes if you prefer ED4 mechanics) two, three or more books will be published. Of course, like in every crowdfunding project there is a chance of failure. But in this case I'm full of optimism that everything is going to be all right. And Poland will have it's own Earthdawn 4th Edition...

And when I say it's own I really mean it! Fajne RPG announced that the layout of the Polish Earthdawn 4th Edition books will be different from the original. What is more the books will also have additional material, written by Polish authors.

The translation/editing team has already been assembled. The man resposible for the whole project is Piotr "Ramel" Koryś, owner of Gramel Publishing, publisher of Savage Worlds settings ("Nemezis", "Beasts & Barbarians") and Line Editor at Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Other people involved inlude names or nicknames you might know from the old EDPT and RedBrick forums or the new FASA Games forum. All Earthdawn fans. Loving the game.

The target for the Polish Earthdawn 4th Edition is first quarter of 2015. It's a big project but I hope we will make it on time. So may the Upandal be with us (other Passions are also welcomed).

And that's it for today!

Hope we meet again soon and may the Passions be with you :)

The new German Earthdawn publisher Ulisses Spiele recently added the old German PDFs from Earthdawn 1st edition to their store at Every book for 4,99 € is in my opinion a great deal to get some inspiration out of the old material, which still can be used with some minor adjustments for the new Earthdawn 4th Edition.
The German news at Ulisses reads:

Habt ihr schon gesehen, dass die ersten PDFs zu den Büchern aus der Fanpro-Zeit bereits verfügbar sind? Alle zum schmalen Preis von 4,99 €! Weiterer Kram wird folgen, inklusive der Romane als Epub ... aber das wird Zeit brauchen, weil die bisherigen PDFs leider die einzigen waren, zu denen wir noch Daten sicherstellen konnten.

Hier noch mein kurzer Kommentar: Die alten Earthdawn Romane als Epub verfügbar zu machen ist einfach klasse, dabei hoffe ich natürlich, dass eines Tages auch die Romane zu Cathay von Hank Woon übersetzt und in Epub Form zu kaufen sein werden. Aber eins nach dem anderen, die genannten Romane (welche auch immer), sowie die angekündigten Kurzgeschichten kann ich kaum erwarten.

The International Gaming Days “SPIEL ‘14” took place from Oct. 16th – 19th at Essen. Like every year many RPG publishers were on site.

The German DORP-TV made various interviews with German as well as International publishers and for Earthdawn fans most interesting, with FASA (namely Ross Babcock) and Ulisses Spiele, the German publisher of Earthdawn.

Here’s the first interview with Ross from FASA:

The second interview with Michael Mingers from Ulisses Spiele was held on German. The "Earthdawn part" starts at 11:10 minute.

Wir werden erstmal warten mit eigensprachlichem Material, das nur auf Deutsch erscheinen wird, bis die Grundregelwerke rausgekommen sind. Was aber auch noch geplant ist, ist eigenes Deutsches Material, sowohl im Quellenbuch Bereich, wie auch Abenteuer, als auch NEUE ROMANE BZW. KURZGESCHICHTEN!!


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